Cybersecurity Ops with bash - Chapter 1 Solutions

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

Below are selected solutions for the Chapter 1 workshop questions from Cybersecurity Ops with bash.

Question 1

Write a command that executes ifconfig and redirects standard output to a file named ipaddress.txt.


To redirect stdout use the > character.

Question 3

Write a command that copies all of the files in the directory /etc/a to the directory /etc/b and redirects standard error to the file copyerror.log.


To copy a file use the cp command. Standard error can be redirected using file descriptor 2.

Question 5

Write a command that executes the script mytask and sends it to the background.


Commands and scripts can be sent to the background using the ampersand (&) character.

Question 6

Given the following job list, write the command that brings the Amazon ping task to the foreground.

[1] Running ping > /dev/null &

[2]- Running ping > /dev/null &

[3]+ Running ping > /dev/null &


Background tasks can be brought to the foreground using the fg command and the corresponding task number.

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