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All of the chapter scripts and data files are available in our GitHub repository.



Workshop Solutions
  1. Command-Line Primer

  2. Bash Primer

  3. Regular Expressions Primer

  4. Principles of Defense and Offense

  5. Data Collection

  6. Data Processing

  7. Data Analysis

  8. Real-Time Log Monitoring

  9. Tool: Network Monitor

  10. Tool: Filesystem Monitor

  11. Malware Analysis

  12. Formatting and Reporting

  13. Reconnaissance

  14. Script Obfuscation

  15. Tool: Command-Line Fuzzer

  16. Establishing a Foothold

  17. Users, Groups, and Permissions

  18. Writing Log Entries

  19. Tool: System Availability Monitor

  20. Tool: Software Inventory

  21. Tool: Validating Configuration

  22. Tool: Account Auditing



Cybersecurity Ops with bash

Learn how to rapidly create and prototype complex capabilities with as little as a single line of pipelined commands

Online Resources


Simulated Linux interface for the Windows operating system


Command line JSON parser

Regex Tester

Real-time regular expression tester from Dan's Tools


Version control software that contains Git Bash for Windows

PE Format

Peering Inside the PE: A Tour of the Win32 Portable Executable File Format


Scan files and URLs for malware

HTML 5 Ref

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) reference for HTML 5


Ultimate guide to Linux tutorials and and tips

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